Monkey Survey [ Monkey survey’s Customer Satisfaction Survey ]

You are able to launch the new online project or survey related to your business or any other by using this Monkey Survey tool.

Monkey Survey

Monkey Survey

About Monkey Survey

Monkey Survey is based on People service business in which development of cloud-based software is available. This company provide following tools –

  1. Data representation
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Bias elimination

This team also provide business plans either free or paid to large scale of companies which are working the above list of tools. Some important points of monkey survey, everyone should know before being a participant of this survey –

  1. Founder – Ryan Finely and Chris Finely
  2. After year 2009, Under controlled of – Ban Capital and Spectrum Equity
  3. Starting year – year of 1999
  4. Number of countries having this branch – More than 190
  5. Business users – More than 600,000
  6. Product – cloud-based survey software
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The survey monkey is best platform for giving a bets decision related to software issues as it is working on the data analysis of thousands of questions which are coming from various types of enterprises. This team use a new advanced and automated tool to resolve the all difficulties related taking online survey and its actual result.

There is no limit for the type of survey making by this team as they are providing the best surveys in form of Short, long, simple and complex also. To make a new survey is easy work which complete within few minutes only. More than 20millions questions per day boast to the software of this company.

The best point of this monkey survey is that it is bunch of a lot of questions related to following areas –

  1. Community
  2. Current market condition
  3. Political status
  4. Health
  5. Demographics

Details of Free plan –

  • Limited survey questions – 10
  • Responder’s per survey – 100
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Scam or real about Monkey Survey

The monkey survey is safe platform to conduct the reviews of customers related to your business, corporate services or academic institutions. All the shared information of owners or customer is collected safely. There is no chance to export your information from this team. This system is not only easy to use but also well designed.

Advantages of Monkey Survey

  • Supportive online service via Email (24 hrs 7 Days)
  • You can add unlimited surveys
  • No limit for questions
  • Easily access logo, colours and filters also

Growth path of Monkey Survey –

  1. Year of 2012- analytic platform in which survey can be referral only selected number of responders (Self service)
  2. September 2013 – Paid service started
  3. Year of 2013 – More than 14 million users use this one survey
  4. April, 2013 – Launched one new service used to compare surveys with the competitors available and make some changes if needed
  5. Year of 2017 – New team form to suggest new idea and taking action on complaints (Monkey Survey Genius team)
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Conclusion –

Feedback from customers are most valuable to reach top peak of success of any business. So, this monkey survey is best platform to understand the reviews of the customer, their requirements and queries.

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