Oracle Survey [Oracle’s Customer Satisfaction Survey ]

The feedback of employees and customers of Oracle company is taking in the form of the Oracle survey which gives the better chance for improvement and makes the business as long-lasting.

Oracle Survey


About Oracle Survey Corporation

Oracle is one the famous company which mainly works on Computer technology. The headquarter of the company is at Redwood Shores city of California.

The co-founder of oracle corporation Mr Larry Ellison changes the name as ‘Software Development Laboratories’(SDL). It has done with co-ordination with Miner and Oates.

Mr Larry gets inspiration from the paper which was written by Edgar Codd in the year of 1970 which was based on a database management system (RDBMS). He wants to compete for the products of Oracle Company with IBM system but he failed in this because of the IBM system having secret codes. Oates provide in information about IBM company from Research Journals of IBM company. Under control of miner, this company is used to developed the new seniors programming as it initially uses the C programming language because of ease of programming.

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The name of Oracle System Corporation is renamed as Oracle Corporation in the year of 1995

Oracles products

This corporation is selling the following products with best techniques-

  1. Information Technology
  2. Database software
  3. Company’s own software
  4. Cloud-based system

From records of the year 2018, the Oracle company acquires the position of third-largest software company as per revenue of the enterprise.

Software development tools

This software company also make some developments and make some tools used for the data system. The developed software is as follows

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  2. Customer relationship management (ERM)
  3. Human capital management (HCM)
  4. Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Services of Oracles

  • Oracle Cloud
  1. The oracle corporation provides networks, storage, applications and services also, this type of cloud computing is known as Oracle Cloud.
  2. These services are provided by the Oracle corporation Global network which is used to manage the data centres.
  3. This oracle cloud gives the following software just like service –
  4. PaaS – Platform as a service
  5. DaaS – Data as a service
  6. SaaS – Software as a service
  7. IaaS- Infrastructure as a service
  • Some other provided by Oracle Corporation –
  1. Finance
  2. Consulting – In this case, the oracle team provides the expert advises or services to a business or technical institution
  3. Oracle Certification Programmes
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In this service, the oracle team train the new joiners about the products of Oracle Corporation

  1. NetSuite

On 28 July 2018, this company buy the NetSuite which becomes the platform of projects of Data Science

Operating systems of Oracle Corporation

The team of oracle corporation is working on two following two operating systems like as –

  1. Oracle Linux
  2. Oracle Solaris

The following list of tools are used in computer technology of oracle for developing the programme

  1. Developer
  2. Designer
  3. NetBeans
  4. Java development kit

Bu using some other either from external or third-party tools, the programming functions gets easier.

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By understanding the customers need and satisfying within the given period with the best technology used Oracle becomes the World Largest State corporation for Cloud-based programming

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