United State Geological Survey [US geological’s Customer Satisfaction Survey ]

United State Geological Survey is simply known as Geological survey. There is information about geographical area like as –

  1. Natural resources
  2. Natural hazards
  3. Landscapes
  1. United State Geological Survey

US Geological Survey


This geographical information is taken by the one team of Science branch, having four groups like as following –

  1. Geography
  2. Biology
  3. Hydrology
  4. Geology

About United State Geological Survey

This geographical survey was started from the year of August 1997. From this, the main aim of this survey is that ‘Science is a blessing for world change’. There are more than 8670 employees are working in this science agency, we can call them as a scientist also as they are studying on the geographical topics and its use, limits or adverse effect on the world.

The headquarter is found at Virginia, Reston. This USGS also has major offices at the following places –

  1. Lakewood, Colorado
  2. Menlo park from California
  3. Denver Federal Centre
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On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of USGS, the previous slogan is again adopted. The slogan is like as – ‘Earth science in Public service’

The working area of USGS

The USGS mainly focused on following six topics and these topics are called as ‘Mission areas’

  1. Core science
  2. Land and Climate changes
  3. Ecosystem
  4. Environment, energy, and minerals also
  5. Water
  6. Natural hazards

Other Programs under USGS

  1. Study of Earthquake Hazard –

This study is taken by the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC). This centre detects the earthquake area and its magnitude also calculated. It also works on Seismic Hazards

  1. The Year of 2005, one new team created to wok on volcano system is known as ‘National volcano early warning system. This team is assigned to study volcanoes, its measurements and its effect on the locality.

There are a number of 169 volcanoes are available in United state

  1. National Geomagnetism program – In this program, there is a study of the whole magnetic field observed at magnetic devices
  2. National Climate change and wildfire science centre –
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In this case, on understanding past and present information about the usage of the land, its climate changes and the adverse effect on communities

  1. Astrological research

The mapping, planetary explosion, etc topics are studied in this program.


There are topographic maps are varied in scale and its quantities also. The series as best topographic is minute- 7.5, Scale – 1:24,000 in a quadrangle shape

There is a presence of two lines as Latitude and Longitude situated at apart 7.5minutes. The 57,000 maps are available in series and these cover 48 states from United State and Alaska area also.

If latitude point is varying its value then the mapping is also getting variated like as –

  • Lower latitude – 30˚ Northsides, 7.5-minute, area – 64 Square miles
  • At 49˚ north latitude – area – 49 Square miles

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In the year 2015, one new website is launched by USGS which is related to the entire information of maps in digital form. There are more than 178,000 maps are available from the year of 1884 to the year of 2006. This website is really best for the study of the geographical area of the US nation.

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