Web Soil Survey

The detailing of soil data is provided by Web Soil Survey and this information is given by National Cooperative soil survey to WSS.

Web Soil Survey


These all soil survey are under controlled by Natural Resources Conservation Service. It allows the site for taking any information regarding natural resources.

There are more than the 95 percentage about maps of soils and the detailed information is available on online websites and there are some new suggestions also which will be used for future soil problems.

The soil survey is mainly used for the following areas –

  1. Local land
  2. Farm
  3. Planning of wider area if it requires for any purpose

The investigation means the all detailed of soil is required in engineering applications and soil quality assessments also.

Requirements froe Web Soil Survey

  1. For participating in this type of survey, the participant has the laptop or computer with updated internet browsers and good internet connections also
  2. By using Android phone also, the participant is able to perform this survey but phone having stable internet facility

Scheduled work hours for taking soil survey

  1. During all weekdays this is available without Tuesday and Thursday (After 8:00 PM) taking into account
  2. Because on these days there is maintenance work and updating of software is going on
  3. This survey is ready to start after the night time 2:00 PM because at every night there is maintenance occur as per the eastern time

New features in Survey

  1. Section 508 –
  • To meet all requirement by section 508, all information pages are gets updated
  • As per act of 1973, Work Rehabilitasaion of United State -the all information about information technology and electronic must be accessible the disability person
  1. Navigation of your current location –

To check not only latitude but also longitude area of the current location for providing information for web soil survey, there is new updated quick navigation is available

Steps to complete the Survey

  1. To be complete this survey, you have to visit the official website –www.soilsurvey.com
  2. From homepage, there is START button to start this WSS
  3. You can directly work with WSS by downloading detailed soil Data on of area by pressing tab on Download Soils Data
  4. Now, you can zoom the map of your area easy to check all details
  5. By using Quick Navigation buttons which on the left side of the browser you will check current location like as –
  • Country and State
  • Current Address
  • The total area of land
  1. But before the understanding of soil data, you have to define the Area of Interest (AOI) and limits are as follows –
  • Polygon – 100,000 acres
  • Rectangle – 100,000 acres
  • Whole area – No limit
  1. After setting the AOI, you have to print the Soil Map in which all the following points are taking into account –
  • Soil use and its limitations
  • Properties
  • A detailed report of soil
  1. You can also the rate of this survey.

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The soil survey is available at online sites by National Cooperative Soil survey. Everyone having access to this site and make new soil survey by using this information as a reference.









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